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It is a detailed and summarised list containing a variety of newly updated links to various defferent resources.

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Searching DevOps.Save your precious time and take the tips from industry experts and follow the devops links.

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Awesome-learning is completely dedicated to the community.

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## Processes

* [I want to be a DevOps!](
* [Hiring a Cloud Engineer? Questions to Ask and What You Should Hear](
* [How To Write A Good Status Update](


Source Code Management


## Source Code Management

* - versioning basics
* - Git Pull-Request Vs Gerrit


IAAS Providers

AWS(Amazon Web Services).


* [5 AWS Mistakes You Should Avoid](
* [AWS Route 53 Best Practices](
* [A Beginner's Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on Amazon's AWS](
* [Rolling Update with AWS CloudFormation](
* [AWS Shell](


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