An awesome place to start learning kubernetes

What is k8s-workflow?

It is a cool workflow around the orchestration engine kubernetes by Google to manage easy workflow around the linux containers.

Built with Love

The project is built with great love and true dedication towards the community.

Time saver

Searching example of how the kubernetes works.This is a nice place to start at.

Docker Enhanced

The whole workflow is Docker based and enhanced.The objective is to provide a continous delivery enviorment for the docker containers.

Community Supported

k8s-workflow is completely dedicated towards serving the community.

Easy to customise

The Code is easy to customize in raw data.Made to be kept fun for anyone to play around.

Open Source

The project is hackable and open source for anyone who wishes to learn kubernetes.


Get Started


## Installation:

* Install the kubernetesv1.0 compressed file:
wget https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/kubernetes/releases/download/v1.0.1/kubernetes.tar.gz
* Untar the kubernetes package:
tar -xvf kubernetes.tar.gz
* Download the latest binaries on kubernetes path:
cd kubernetes/cluster/ubuntu


Using kubectl


## kubectl:

* To install: export PATH=$PATH:~/kubernetes/cluster/ubuntu/binaries
* kubectl --help
* kubectl get nodes
* kubectl create -f addons/kube-ui/kube-ui-rc.yaml --namespace=kube-system


Interested ?

Download the latest update and start hacking.



This repository is made by The Remote Lab and is 100% OPEN SOURCE & license under the Apache 2.0 License

If you wish to contribute to the project,feel free to fork it out :)


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